Embrace People, Not Labels


We live in a world that is often drawn to the more tragic/exciting/dramatic stories that exist. Many people receive their “5 minutes of fame,” and that often leads to one chapter labeling their life story. As I have been listening to the stories of the families we have been visiting, my heart has been flying all over […]

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Stories that Create Heart-Shifts


“Writer’s block” has to be one of the most dreaded realities I face ever so often, and it feels as though it has been the ball and chain on my mind as I have traveling America with an amazing group of women. We have been meeting families with children awaiting a transplant of any kind, […]

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When Your Greatest Fear is Being Misunderstood


You know those questions you always have back-up answers for? For instance, “What is your greatest fear?” “Ha. Well… the dark, spiders, cottage cheese?” What we really want to say is more on the lines of: I fear death, the thought that no one really loves me, my life has no purpose, and the list goes […]

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Love More, Have Less


Marketing has a powerful way of influencing society and propelling it in a direction that craves more, buys more, and lives with less contentment. We are drawn to the clearance/sale plastered signs and ads because it often means we can get more for less. I would call myself a pretty big bargain shopper, and have found a hobby in […]

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Our Dreams in the Midst of Working A Minimum Wage Job


I think I am on my third week of working at Starbucks, if I am counting correctly. The fast-paced environment infused with the smell of fresh coffee has sent my head spinning in moments. Time seems to slow whenever a customer smiles, a child bubbles with giddiness at the sight of a cake pop, or the […]

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When Your Dreams Are Not “that” Unique

when your dreams

Most of us have been told at least once in our lives, “You can be whatever you want to be.” Sweet little six-year-old me believed it with all her heart, but times seem to change in your twenties. The day dreams haven’t stopped, but the interruptions of “reality” seem to occur more often now. How […]

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What I Learned in My First Year of Marriage


I have heard it said, “Your first year of marriage is either really hard or amazing and all that you hoped for.” With my one year anniversary coming up in a couple weeks, I have reflected on this past year and have accepted the reality that my first year of marriage was really hard. Our wedding and […]

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